How to throw a party!

This page is for you eggheads that are clueless about even the basics of party throwing. I only put this page up due to  constant demand. Send me suggestions, also.

  • The industry standard for NORMAL people is 2.5 drinks for an ENTIRE EVENING.
  • The industry standard for ALCOHOLICS people is 2.5 drinks PER HOUR.

Determine where your population fits in this scheme. The 2.5 drinks per person per evening served my crowd very well and I have a very diverse crowd of all ages and types at my toga parties.

Have NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks available.

For 35 people showing up I spent:
  • $150.00 for beer and wine
  • $150.00 for food

Only serve hard liquor if you are SURE that it will be: necessary/appropriate/assumed.

Food stuff:
  • A little cheese
  • Sliced meat rolls such as ham and turkey
  • Cocktail onions, pickles, olives
  • Salty treats, such as potato chips and pretzels and nuts
  • Soft drinks of the clear and dark variety.
  • Pasta dishes, etc.
  • You're on your own on food
  • Be creative

About 10 pounds of ice per three people.

  • Find a rich person with a big house and then suck up to them. Your big party at their house makes them AND you famous. More famous. This has worked many times for Togaboy.
  • You MUST  know someone whose apartment offices have a fancy club for rent.
  • Veterans' Group Halls, Sons of Herman Hall, Am Vets Hall can be had very cheap.

Have a sound system. Play all kinds of music.

Print invitations at least one month in advance.

The average Show Factor of invitations to 'show up' is between 35% and 55%.

You must decide if togas are mandatory for toga related parties.

At my toga party, togas were MANDATORY.

Have dumb gifts, nothing over three dollars for best, worst, stupidest toga.

More stuff when I can think of it. Help me out yourself. Send me ideas.