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Sample Roman Dude

  • Welcome to my web page ! This is Togaboy.
  • Learn how to make a toga and throw toga parties.
  • About 250 photos of togas that people have sent me are displayed.
  • This site is family friendly, designed for people of all ages, and dogs and Australians. For some reason, Australians throw the most toga parties of any people on this Earth.
  • Use this site for school OR party related costumes.
  • These pictures are fun and are not intended to be authentic.
  • Do not write to me and ask me how to make a toga. READ THIS PAGE FIRST, then if you have very specific questions, write to me at  It's also where to send the pictures of your party.
  • If you like comedy, here's a picture of me  doing a major Toga-don't ! Even Togaboy doesn't always get it right!
  • Togaboy helps about ONE MILLION visitors a year for 13 years now.
  • This page has a BORING white background so you can PRINT it.


Remember to send me YOUR PICTURES and I'll put them up if they're good.

Togaboy tries to minimize the display of alcoholic beverages.
This is a family friendly site, but there are toga examples
for ALL ages and ALL party styles from children to adult.

Now on to the serious business of toga-tying....
  • Don't use a sheet

  • Let me repeat that

  • Don't use a sheet

Go to a cloth store and buy some cool cloth and, [shock of the century] SHEETS ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE!  CLOTH IS CHEAPER.  Really!  I was surprised myself.

(I also know that some of you are writing to me at 10:00 PM 
needing a toga by 8:00 AM, so in your case, you HAVE to use a sheet.)

Anyway, trust me on this. You can go the cloth store and buy several yards of REALLY CHEAP CLOTH and that probably looks a lot cooler than any sheets would. 

Plus, at the cloth store, you can get some cool fabric that really represents your personality, whether it be royal purple or Snoopy or Snoop Doggy Dog.

Togaboy usually does purple, since it was the royal color, and then I used gold braid for belt, and other accessories.


  • Six Yards: this is the official recommendation. I think it's too long.

  • Five Yards: a little closer to reality, but still long, how much draping do you want?

  • Four Yards: good enough for a simple man's toga, or a child's toga. Many people find FOUR YARDS will do the trick for almost any kind of toga.

For those of you who have NEVER bought fabric, YOU control how much LENGTH you buy, the WIDTH is a standard width that all fabric seems to come in which is about five feet wide, roughly. I simply take that width, fold it in half, goes once around my waist (a good place to hide a belt), then over the shoulder and just drape from there.

Here is a drawing someone sent me that suggests a different shape for the toga, although you'll probably being using a rectangular piece of cloth. None-the-less, it might be of some help.

It takes about three feet to go around your waist, and you need to wrap it at least 1.5 times around your waist before you throw the remainder over your shoulder (either shoulder). Then bring the fabric back to the waist, and tie it up or wrap it some more or whatever. Women will want to tie the fabric carefully to preserve modesty around the bustal region.

Should you wear one ???

This asks the questions, should you wear a Tunic/T-Shirt/Shirt underneath the toga?

This is a comprehensive history of the use of the Tunic.

Do what makes you feel comfortable. You're not trying to accurate.
You're trying to be comfortable while you're having a good time.

The design is simple:
  • The toga cloth is basically long and narrow
  • (Which is why sheets don't work well)
  • Pin one end of it to your waist
  • Wrap it around you at least once
  • Should hang to about the knees
  • Pin it at the waist again, on the right or left side
  • Throw the rest over one shoulder
  • Around the back
  • Pin it at the waist again
  • Wear gym shorts underneath, or whatever you want
  • Sandals, if possible
  • Carry something stupid like a sword; I saw a hubcap as a shield !

Now that's the basic design. Used by males at least. Variations used by females would be to use the some basic wrap design, of some form, often followed by small horizontal bands (leather, chain, whatever), accentuating waist and bust line. Usually women want to have the costume at least be attractive, whereas guys really don't care how dufus they look. If fact, the more dufus you look, the more your friends will make fun of you, and thus the more popular you will be at the party.

Now some hints for men and women.


This is what really can make a costume. Guys, find some swords, fake preferably (get it at the toy store). Then you can take the plastic sword and actually hit people over the head with it and not kill anyone. Lots of gold chains, amulets, jewelry, you get the idea.

Then for the head, I take a wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle that will fit my head. Then I get plastic (or real) leaves and wrap it around the wire hanger, and then put it on my head. I think it's called a laurel, or something like that. Looks cool. Everybody does one.
I am always being asked about women's togas so I want to assure you that there are plenty of photos of women's togas listed below.

Women generally try to look good, while men try to look stupid.

That's the way of the Toga.

When in what feels comfortable.

And now the pictures
you have sent me...

Here's the very first photo ever sent to me over 13 years ago.
It started this whole mess. God bless the Australians...they're a party lot.

The Palmerston Rugby Union Club
Darwin, North Territory, Australia.

John Hunter from the Dallas area (where Togaboy also lives) has provided some of the very best toga photos. This is some very high quality toga work, and some good photography. Thanks, John.

Togaboy recommends this photo. It's got lots of good togas.....

Hi Ron!

Last summer, we had a great vacation in Topsail Island, NC with my brother-in-law’s family.  With not much night life in Topsail, and having teenage kids, we decided to have theme nights.  Our best night was the Toga Party theme night.  After checking out your sight, we learned how to make the perfect toga.  Please see the attached photos!  Please share them on your sight, if you would like!

Thanks, again!
Nancy and Tom Dewlin
Monkton, Maryland

Togaboy here's a couple of regular guys....

From Cathy: It shows there is a toga for everyone.


I made almost all the Togas at the party! Thanks for your ideas it helped a lot. Here are some pictures from the party...I'm the one in the black with the pink on it. And I hand sewed all those pretty things on the girls togas.


[Togaboy says ... this is a GREAT PHOTO with good costumes...check it out.]

Hey Togaboy...we just wanted to thank you for all of the invaluable information you provided on your site...

Last month a couple of us were having lunch at a new restaurant in our town named BACCHUS - we noticed that they had a great room off to the side that would be perfect for a small group to dine. The room also had a huge mirror which converted to a media center where slideshows, etc. could be shown.

Since the husband of one of the friends had a 'big birthday' coming up, we asked if the room would be available - they said yes, however that happened to be the official date of the BACCHUS FESTIVAL, so they were planning to have Greek music, special food, etc...

Anyway I know this is waaayyy TMI, but that is how a bunch of us 'elders' decided to have the first Toga Party any of us had attended since our college days (in the 60's) It was a surprise for the birthday boy, and turned out to be a SMASH!!! Amazing how a little piece of cloth can get people into the spirit...

Here's a shot of the group...thanks again! Nancy



Janika Bonham

Tropical Toga Mucho Fun-o- Party Hardy.
Vestal Virgins and Love Slaves unite.

Just another boring, calm night in paradise.

Location- Palm Harbor Florida
50th birthday celebration
We used your site for inspiration

-Siobhan Nehin
Queen of the Garden Fairie


My friends and I found your website to very USEFUL.
Therefore, we decided to send you the final results of
our Toga party.. Thanks for all your help & ideas!

Carol Garcia


Thought you may be interested in my brothers toga party... he made a chariot
out of thick board, and spray painted his birth date in roman numerals. The
decorations were all ivy, material drapings, candles, pots, Caesar ceramic
heads, all basically to make the area transform into a roman style tent.

Togaboy says this is a GREAT PHOTO. Check it out...

My Name is Matt Giguere, from the Western MASS area, every year in October,
my bro and his friends throw OctogaFest, we do themed togas... I was a pirate
and my girlfriend was Barbie.. and you can probably figure out the rest!


Hey Ron,

Hope you like the pics write me back and tell me what
ya think..thanks alot


(Now you ladies are ALWAYS asking me how to make these particular togas !
I have no idea. It's up to YOU to figure it out. Ha ! Good luck ! ... Togaboy. )

Dede Clements of the Navigator Boat Club has some EXCELLENT PHOTOS. I really want to thank these generous folks for some great costumes, and some just great photos. There is a LOT to learn from the Varsity. Here they are...

Hi Togaboy,

 Here are some pictures to put on your website. Its my boyfriends 21st birthday... toga style!! Your site was really helpful to all of us making our togas.... thanks heaps!

 - Chelsea

Thanks for the info from your website.  We had an awesome 40th Birthday and TOGA party.  We decided to go as KING AND QUEEN of the toga and dress in Gold...with a few accessories to worked out great.


Togaboy's one from ALASKA !!!!


Just wanted to say thanks for the info on making a toga. Your website really
helped us out a lot since we didn't know how to tie them. I thought that we
would send you a pic of our first togas since we are from Alaska and it
snowed a lot here today. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as we enjoyed
your site.

Tom and Mary in Alaska

Here are some pics from our toga party…interestingly, we all had your instructions and all came up looking different. 

What we learned:  silky fabric wraps easier…safety pins are an integral part of the toga…unless you wrap perfectly (or sober) which most of us didn’t.

Thanks for everything!!!!

Glendale, Arizona

Hey! Thank you so much for your help!! Our outfits worked out great and we couldn't have done it without your website!

Thanks again! -Lindsey and Megan

Wanted to say thank you for your toga knowledge! 1 of the white togas featured in these photos is made from a table cover and 2 of the the white togas were made from bed sheets  ( so it can work !) The colorful togas were made from fabric bought at a local fabric store. We were all pleased with our creations. Thanks for the 'how to' advice!
- Erin
Philadelphia, PA


...with the exception of my gay green sandals, undoubtedly the best toga we've ever made!

- Riki F.

Hey Togaboy!  Thanks for helping me and my German friend Larry out on making our togas for our dorm's toga party.  (Larry is on the left, I'm on the right).  Thanks to your advice we had the best togas at the party, and were the only ones who were comfortable enough to go commando.  Togas rock!

North Central Michigan College


This is our group picture from the annual New Years Eve party held in our subdivision in Wentzville, MO (just west of St. Louis). The party is hosted every year by Bob and Chris Daleo (kneeling front and center - red and orange). this was their first toga party! Hopefullly you can post this picture on your website. I know a lot of these people went to your website for help with their togas.

Thanks, Kevin Hoelscher

Here’s our middle-aged quilt group at our toga party last night – thanks for the costume inspiration!


More Australians....


Thanks for your help with making a toga. I was a hit in my role as King Herod in my church Nativity play!


Alan Buckingham
Melton, Victoria, Australia

And even more Australians....

Just a few shots from the "Idiots of March" toga party held by the Rotary Club of Cessnock, NSW, Australia. Cessnock is in the heart of the finest wine country in the world - the Hunter Valley.

Peter McCloy

Gina sends us this TOGA DOG !

And even more and more Australians....

From Jack and Anna in Melbourne, Australia. 


Here are some EXCELLENT PHOTOS. Check 'em out.

Laynne writes

Your web site really helped myself and friends for an Engagement Toga Party
we had just last weekend (July 27, 2002).  Thought you might like some
pictures...will send more to add to it when we get them all.  Pictures
provide by Tom Taylor and Laynne Brock from their Engagement Toga Party
hosted by Troy and Becky Stodola/Kelly Brasher.

Ron –

My boyfriend and I recently attended a toga party – when we got the invite we were totally clueless as to what to wear or how to make it – so a quick Google search turned up your website, which helped us immensely.  Because of this, just thought I’d share with you a picture of the final result.  We loved our togas and had great time.

Thanks for such a fun (and informative) site!
Jenner Gohr
South Kingston, RI

Here are some photos from Togaboy's last party.
Photos taken at Don Duncan's palatial Roman Villa

From Canada, eh....?

Hi Ron,

This my contribution to your web site.  I held my first Toga party last weekend, Mar.19.  At first I was iffy about the whole toga party thing, but later on I was glad that I did it.  it went really well, about 95% of the people wore toga, the party poopers didn't.  That's me in yellow.  It was not a big party, there were about 25 people there, the smallest party I've had since we lived in this house.  This was a lot of fun, I even wrote Greek names on peoples arms/ chest whatever skin was visible.  I probably will do it again and next time bigger party.  Thank you for your web-site, and Wal-Mart thanks you too, that's were all the fabric came from, it was very cheap, mine was about $1.97 a meter that's Canadian dollar.  I will probably send more picture later, its just that this is one of the least incriminating picture I got right now.

Thank You,
Lydee Rosello
Terrace, BC Canada.


Hi Ron,
I just wanted to send you an e-mail to say thanks for a cool site. We are having our fourth annual toga party this year in just a few weeks and we have referring our party goers to your site for the last few years to help them with ideas for their costumes. I have attached several pictures from a few of our parties over the years. I hope that you enjoy them. We have quite the variety of costumes. Some are really quite great. I also hope you can post of few of them on your site.
Wes and Kelli


Thank you SO much of your informative website.  When we were recently
invited to a toga party, and had no idea how to make a toga, your website
came to our rescue!  We not only learned how to make a toga (including
amount of fabric, appropriate headgear, accessories, etc. ), we were
inspired to personalize ours and be creative.  Thanks to you we were the hit
of the party!!

We're attaching a picture to this email.  Hopefully you can add it to the
extensive gallery on your website.

Thanks again!

Your Togagirls,
Kelly & Myriam

Dear Ron,

Halloween is a big event at Voyager Expanded Learning, and this year, the Marketing Department decided to dress up as Ancient Greeks. While researching toga styles online, my colleague, Mike Russell, came across your wonderful Website. Several of us followed your instructions, and our outfits turned out great!! I have attached a couple pictures, including a solo shot of yours truly in the toga I made last night, following your directions to a tee. (Mike is the handsome gent with the white linen tunic and royal blue toga. He’s a bit of a renegade, because the fabric draping over his shoulder goes from back to front.)

Thank you for providing this awesome resource online. I will definitely refer others to Togaboy for all their toga making needs!

Best regards,

Leslie Thompson
Director of Marketing 
Voyager Expanded Learning

Dear Ron,

 Thank you so much for presenting your Toga pages to the world.    My roommate hosted a Toga party on Oct 1st 2005 in my 2 bedroom townhouse in suburban N. Atlanta (Alpharetta) Georgia.    We had about 100 people, maybe 60 of which came in some form of Toga. We referred them all to your site as the most definitive; your site is still by far the best reference on the web.    Many of the ladies were so into it after visiting your site that they had Toga making parties the night before. And apparently the toga ups the naughty quotient, because I've never been so lucky at a party before.  

 An outstanding time was had by all.   Roommate Dennis "Togaboom" Hogaboom went so far as to make authentic handmade stuffed Greek Grape leaves, Greek salad, Sangria.   60 pounds of various grilled meats.  We had people fly in from several cities and guests representing 9 countries.  Even with a DJ and  rented speakers, we still had no arrests and no deaths.     A great party that owes many thanks to the original Toga Boy.


Matt Mruz    

Loved your site.  Here are some pics from when a group of us dressed up for Niagara's Grape & Wine Festival!  Thanks for your help for how to make a toga!

Hi Ron,

Since I used your website to make my own togas, I thought I'd send you a
photo from that party.

I started at around 4pm--went to the fabric shop, and then started sewing
around 9pm that night.  The tunics were really easy to make!  I found a
T-shirt that fit me pretty loosely and used it as an guideline to cut the
fabric (I used pins to keep the 2 sheets of fabric together)  and then just
used a straight stitch on my sewing machine.  Easy Breazy!!  For the
"draping" part, I cut a half circle from the fabric, and draped in on
myself until I got the lengths to where I liked them.  I used rope to tie it
off on my shoulder so I wouldn't have to wrap it again.

Anywho, here's the photo... thanks for the help!!

Kara Chicquette
Seattle, WA

Hi Ron,

We just had our 3rd toga party! Your web site helped a lot of my guest. (over 50!)Here are some of my pictures if your interested in seeing more let me know. We had a great time. I painted the columns in the background


Bettyann Menza




Thanks for the website and the great suggestions.  My husband and I were the only ones at the party that knew about your website. (It shows in lack of color by our friendly party goers).

Here are several pictures....I am in the purple two piece Toga and my husband in the blue, green & yellow one.


Wade & Stacy

Thanks for the info about how to make a toga! Here's a pic from our toga day @ trenton high school


From the University of South Florida

Thanks a lot for your valuable information on your web site. My name is Todd Dickinson and we had a toga them for a huge basketball game at Apollo High School in Owensboro, Kentucky. It changed my life!

And from England....

Hi, we recently went on a toga social as part of York University Canoe Club
in chilly old England. We did try and take some tips from your site but as
you can see the toga's were not the best, we did use sheets, but they were
done in a hurry. cheers


From the Island of St. Kitts....

My name is Kathleen and I go to Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine which is located in St. Kitts, thanks to your helpful website we were able to throw a successful toga party with probably at least 100 toga-ers!! It was an absolute blast! Thanks again for all your helpful tips!! Attached is a pic of 3 of us, I hope that you will post it on your site as yet another example of how a toga party can be done RIGHT!! :)

Yo Toga-man,

 My friends and I had to do presentation on Ancient Rome and our first reaction was that we had to wear togas for the presentation.  While doing research on Ancient Rome and on togas my friend stumbled onto your website.  Besides being cleverly written and a cause for some good laughs, it was packed full of great tips and very helpful in the creation of our togas.  Along with wearing the togas we brought wine and cheese to the presentation and needless-to-say, the professor and class loved it all.  I attached the picture of us in front of the classroom with our professor for your website.


Thanks again,
Tim, Mike, Ang, and MC
St. Joe's University students

Hey!  I went to a toga party this past Saturday night and followed your very
helpful toga rules/guidelines, as did a few of my friends.  My boyfriend and
I went together as a Hawaiian toga couple.  We each bought four yards of
fabric and had enough to work with. I was in a blue Hawaiian print with a
red cord tied around my waist and he was in a red Hawaiian print with a blue
cord and we both had Hawaiian flowers in our hair.  There is a picture
attached and you can feel free to use it on your website or do nothing with
it at all.  I just wanted to say thanks for your help and keep on toga

I follow all your instructions and a little bit of
creativity I ended up with the best toga in the party
- Jos

Hey Ron..

Thanks for the website that helps all of us do the Toga thing.  We were celebrating my 37th birthday complete with Toga's and just for fun we threw in a fondue for dinner..

I just thought I would send you some pictures of the hostess, myself and friends. We had a great time. Thanks again for the site helping us get it all together.

Arlene White

hey I used your site to find out how to buy/make a toga.  it turned out really well.  green because I go to Notre Dame.

-Jonathan D.


Thank You for the toga advice! Here are a few pictures from a friends birthday party last week.

-Cat and Lucy,


Hey, Togaboy,

 Great site!  Some of the students in a Greek class I'm teaching threw a toga party a few days ago, and thought you might like some pictures (and, yes, that is a three-year-old in a toga).  Your website was a great help.


Durham, NC

Hello Togaboy,

 Just wanted to thank you for your website and all your ideas for togas.  We had a New Years Toga Party and it turned out great!  We told everyone about your site and everyone looked wonderful.  Attached is a picture of all of us.  Feel free to post it to your site if you would like.  Thanks again!

 Caitlin Schulte

Hey- thanks for your great tips on togas- we were the hit of the party!

A pic is attached - Juanita

Hi Ron,
I used your website a few years ago to make a toga. I had a toga party that year for my birthday and it was a blast!

Thanks for the great info and website!


He used a sheet and a table cloth, I used a shower curtain. both worked just fine. We also thought the wine bottle added a bit of 'class' to it (haha) my husband said the toga was so comfy that he kept it on hours after the party and demanded we have a real toga party (we went to a Halloween party). thanks for the tips on your website.


Hey Togaboy, just wanted to write you a little thank you message for helping me out with a last minute toga for toga day at school.!! I had the only pink toga on!!! It was great----"all eyes on me" and that was what I wanted. OH, and I love your advice about how togas should express our personalities--THANKS!!!

Lizzie --- GA

Thanks for all of the pictures and ideas! We had a great time making our togas. Here are a few more pics for your collection.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your site really helped me a lot. I made my Toga from scratch... I'm the one
on the right!
Thanks a bunch

Hey Togaboy,

I've forwarded your site to all my friends in anticipation of the party shown. The party was actually a year ago, but I just remembered you again as I prepare for another party tonight. I promise more photos to come!

University of Louisville

KK crazy toga party !

We had a blast!  My name is Karen and they call me KK.  Thanks so much for your site in assisting with my toga party. It really came in handy. I moved into my new house and decided a toga party would be fun. I even wrapped my pooch in a toga.

Karen (KK)
Charleston, SC area


Hi Ron!

For three years I've been attaching your website to toga party invites.  Its always so useful and puts people in the toga spirit.  I attached a few pictures from our latest toga party, which was held on the Summer Solstice in order to beseech Helios to bestow upon us a warm and fun summer.

The two people in the Royalty picture (the first picture below) were the ones voted the Emperor and Empress of the 2007 Summer.

Thanks for having such a great site!

Long Island City, New York

Denise sends these photos in...


We had our first toga party on Saturday to raise funds for the local scout group. At 10am , I had a double quilt cover, but after seeing your web site, my husband and I had two lovely togas by 7pm. Thanks for your help.

Elaine Leslie

Thanks a million time for making these pages,
our first toga parties were such a success; that I think
this will be a start of a beautiful friendship!
Cheers from Finland!

-- Llewar


Here's a great suggestion for some games sent in by Sarah from Maine.

Hey there. Love your site! I used it last year when we threw our first Toga Party. Thank you for all your tips.

Next weekend will be our second annual...just thought I'd throw some games your way. We had the 1st Annual Senseless Olympics last year consisting of Cantaloupe Shot-Put, Noodle (as in the foam things you float on in the pool) Javelin, Toilet-Seat Horseshoes, and the Snake Toss (where people swing a large plastic snake around their head and try to knock over beer cans set on a ladder). We also did a water relay using plastic goblets. Everyone got a kick out of it and really enjoyed being stupid for an evening. This year we are including a Beer Chug, a Tug of War, and a Sword Fight. We have prizes for the winners. The whole group (last year about 30 people) gets broken into two teams. It was hysterical. We lit our entire pool area with Tiki Torches and bout a ton of fake flower garlands and white lights plus the usual plastic fruit. We are setting up a photo booth this year and giving everyone a 5X7 of themselves in their toga for as a gift. Everyone is bringing food like Cesar Salads, wine, bread, and should prove to be a great time. I'll let you know how it goes. I'll get some photos out to you as well.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!! 

Sarah from Maine

Here's a tip from Alex...

For a less accurate and more "Exotic Dancer" just cut off everything below the sleeves of a white T shirt and draw a nice pattern along the bottom. And probably sew/glue some elastic along the waist, too. It looks so trashy, and it's surprisingly masculine!

Here's a testimonial from Brent J.


On behalf of several hundred friends, I wanted to thank you for your terrific Toga site.  I run a charity cruise every year, and one of the annual events is an onboard Toga party.  It's a hell of a good time, made better by the fact that neither the ship's staff or other passengers have any idea what's about to happen.  Our next event is in March, and slightly over 400 people will be donning their finest toga - from authentic, to tropical, to bizarre to probably illegal, and partying our butts off for a good time and a good cause.

Of course, I direct all of the cruisers for your site on tips on what to do and not do!

Pictures from past cruises...

Thanks again!

Brent J.
Atlanta Parrothead Club

A testimonial from Amber

Hey there Toga boy,

Just wanted to thank you for your rocking site on how to make a toga. I am currently living in Japan, and will be hosting a toga party in a couple of weeks time, however unlike home (Australia) where you say toga, everyone thinks glorified bed sheet, I have been getting many questions from my Japanese friends as to what a toga is and how you wear one. I have looked through a lot of sites but yours has been by far the most informative, and also has the clearest photos of togas. I have also been inspired by some of the food suggestions, though many will prove hard to get, I will try!

So thank-you muchly :-)

(internationalizing one toga party at a time!)

You saved my behind Togaboy! Thank You!!
Loved your website.  Here are some pics from Melbourne Beach, FL Toga Toga Toga Party!l!  Thanks for your help on how to make a toga! (I was actually going use a bedsheet then I found your website) Thank Goodness!

From Melissa G. in Illinois

Hi Ron,
Thank you for posting so much information on togas, games, etc.  We used your web site for information on our New Years Eve Toga party.  Our costumes turned out great (At least I think so) and the party went on until dawn!  So many guests had no idea what they were doing with their togas so we forwarded them your site.   People got creative with colors and styles, we had a person dressed as “Toga Libre” and a “Cowboy Bill” Toga in boots and a hat, we are from Texas!  My Caesar and I wore pink and gold,  not exactly Roman Royal colors, but I think everyone got the point that we ruled!

Thanks again,

Shannon J.

Hey Togaboy,  We referred to your website for our togas also.  We had a different twist to our toga.   We rented a limo to travel in.  First we went looking for the king (at a fast food restuarant)  then we went for birthday dessert and a local bar.  All this in honor of Sharon's birthday.  Thanks for the great ideas.  Linda

Hi Togaboy!!!
We used your site to help us with our outfits for our friend's 40th
birthday party.  Thanks so much for your help and all the pictures you
have posted!  We had a GREAT time! Now we just have to figure out how
to use our fancy new fabric in a different way!!!

-Kirsten B. 

Hey Ron

Probably your first letter from a totally blind man. I went to your
site to figure out how to drape the beautiful red fabric around me to
create a toga. The fabric had been a throw on a large sofa that was
needing upholstering. It had now become free to have a new life -- my
Halloween costume.

I read your basic directions about how to do the wrap thing, and then
gave it a try. The fabric was soft and luxurious, but not long enough
to make the toga. So, my friend and I improvised to come up with an
ancient-style garb that would fit my title:

Ancient Macedonian Lord and Conqueror Promiscuous.

I know it is not a real toga, but the playfulness and promotion of
creativity on your site inspired me. And remember: I am blind and
could not even see the photos you have posted!
So, I have attached two images -- one is of me alone and a second one
is of me and another party guest.

Rob in Boston
(Thanks Rob, pretty darn good Toga for a blind guy ...
 ... better than most togas I have seen !  Good job, dude! ... Togaboy)

Hi togaboy,
This is my 20th birthday party (I'm the one in the pink!!!)

I really appreciate you having put this together for all of us that don't
know how or are not too confident in putting together a toga.

I dressed up as Zeus, this was the first try, I had
no time to redo, what do you think.
I thought it was hot!


I'm 7 months pregnant! and it was sooo hard to find a costume! until i came across your site and i figured why not!! It wasn't only cheap but it was also comfortable! and still found a way to kind of make it a way... I'm pregnant. so that's as sexy as it could get!! but hope you like my toga!!
thanks ALOT for all the info in your page! it was awesome!!

We are def glad we took your advice on NOT using sheets!
Our togas turned out super unique and fun!
We even had fun hair and shoe was a good night
Thanks TogaBoy!!!
- Brittany

(And even Toga ladies LOVE THEIR FOOTWEAR.....Togaboy)

Well.... I have gone through your website... and I thought your info were very helpful... The reason i went thru your website was to find ways how to make a toga because my aunts boyfriend was throwing a toga party for his birthday and so after viewing your website me and my friend decided to make our own outfits.... and btw I'm the person in the green and she's the one in the purple. She hand sewed hers and I just tied mine and used some safety pins...I just wanted to say thank you very much for your info... I've learned how to create my own type of toga outfit.. Annie

Thanks for the toga tips. For a lot of my family and friends this was their 1st toga party and were a little skeptical. Now that it has come and gone, they want to throw another toga party just for the heck of it. That's my wife and I in gold celebrating my 40th.

Hi Ron,
Last year we had a toga party at are Korfbal club in Holland.
Your site was a very good help.

Here are some pictures.
Kind regards,
Boukje Dijkstra

Hello Togaboy!

Sorry to hear about your father's passing - looks like you helped him enjoy his time with his children. :)

I can't thank you enough for your work on the webpage - it was a HUGE help in throwing a toga party 2 weekends ago. Everyone had so much fun, and the creativity was amazing.

I'm attaching a few pictures. Feel free to post some on your webpage. Keep up the great toga work! I can't wait for my Roman toga party next year (tried to stick with a Greek theme this year, and will alternate between Greek/Roman each year).

I'm the one with the white toga and red sash.

(I LOVE the idea of a HUBCAP! as a shield ! Brilliant!  .....Togaboy)

Hello Ron!  I just wanted to thank you very much for the fantastic advice and sample pix from your site.  Our entire department decided to dress in togas for Halloween this year and relied heavily on your site for guidance.  I’ve attached a few pictures as well.


Many thanks

Mark Metin, Senior IT Project Manager

Sterling Health Plans

Bellingham, WA

Here is my toga pic... I bought the satin costume material from walmart for $2 a yard... got 5 yards... just cut about a foot off the end after putting it on to keep it from dragging behind me... the gold leaf headband and the bling necklace were both $1 apiece and the belt i got from a 2nd hand clothing store for 50 cent... thanks for your help... I found your web page just by googleing togas... i was just lookin for a pic to give me an idea on how to wrap it but your site helped out much better...

Pictures from Jamaica !
- Patti

Hi Togaboy,
Thank you so much for a wonderful website! It helped all of us come up with some very interesting and colorful togas! It was fascinating to see how everyone used their creativity and came up with different and fun ideas! We had a great party, complete with games and prizes! Cheers!
The Gang at Evergreen Skyranch

From Charlotte

Hello Ron,

I was given the role of PONTIUS PILATE for this year’s enactment of the 14 stations on Good Friday. I did not know what to wear, at first I thought I’ll arrange a Roman skirt, sort of thing, but then I came across your website. There were so many great ideas for tying a Toga, and while tying my own, I learnt a few tricks too. I did some innovations and ended up looking good, of course, with the help of my wife. In India, Women wear a Sari, which is quite long and wide. I needn’t buy fabric and in the process didn’t spend any money. I have attached a few Pictures for you and your website, feel free to post them there and let others also benefit from it the way I have.

 Great work with the website, thanx a ton.

You really rock Togaboy !

Love and regards,

Asheesh A. Shawel

I won the most unusual toga with this one (my 1st toga) thanks to your website.
(This is definitely one of the more creative ones I've seen ..... Togaboy)

Togaboy, after a lot of review of your website for our first upcoming group Toga party, the night was a smashing success. Everyone enjoyed the festivities and there were some really great Togas there with a lot of work put into them. We wanted to share a picture with you and would be honored if you found it good enough to post on your website, we have others of couples together as well, so if you would like some of them, just let us know. Thanks for a great site and all the great party info you provide.
Jim and Pam ( members )
    Group photo- Captain Ronny's Krewe
Ingleside, Texas


Have prizes for coolest, sexiest, dumbest, showing too much skin for a guy, etc. etc. prizes.

Here are some party prize suggestions from 
fellow toga-zoid Allison Bernstein

1)  Most likely to get hit on by Caesar.
-gift: plastic set of gold jewelry including tiara
"All hail the new queen"

2) Best [athletic] Spartan
-gift: plastic basketball hoop with squishy ball

3) Most revealing
-gift: plastic money ("Go buy yourself some clothes"!)

4) Buffest Olympian
-gift: plastic WWF doll

5) Cutest Greek
-gift: stuffed M&M with candy

6) Most likely to trip over his own sword (to geekiest
toga or person without toga)
-gift: yo-yo

Send me your ideas and photos !
I will put up as much as I can...

I also need more suggestions for games.
People are always asking this.

Lastly, apparently...some of you can't even throw a party, I am slowly discovering. Since so many of you ask about the very basics of party-throwing, 
I am now including basic party-throwing instructions.

Feel free to visit my regular web site at